The Making

The candle, 100% made in France, was born in a workshop, after a manual work of the most meticulous. Braided wicks in cotton are attached to the bottom of the glass to ensure optimal centering. The wax / perfume mixture is then poured by hand and surfaced after refocusing the wick. This is finally cut to a precise height to ensure at the first ignition a perfect burn. A realization 100% "hecho a mano".

The Perfume

Lpuro sources the world’s most precious perfume essences, created with an insatiable appetite for quality and the highest levels of selectivity. The unique creations of L PURO are made of the best and high quality raw material from Grasse, in the South of France, the cradle of the world’s perfume industry. Each blend derived from the travels of our master perfumer.

The Wax

The wax is elaborated specifically for each LPuro candle, in a French workshop where each stage is adapted after a long artisanal process. The mixture of several waxes (mineral and sometimes vegetal) is chosen by our wax master to obtain a quality of combustion and a perfect extraction of the perfumes.